Pacific Bonsai Expo- Part 3

The Pacific Bonsai Expo- An Exhibition of Extraordinary Bonsai is being sponsored by Eric Schrader and Jonas Dupuich, both skilled professional bonsai artists living in Alameda, California. Held in the Brick Yard, a unique ship building yard, the wide space has excellent natural lighting, which allows the beauty of bonsai to shine. This historic event for the west coast is being held on November 12-13, 2022.

Three professional bonsai artists, Bjorn Bjorholm, Ryan Neil and William N. Valavanis selected only 73 bonsai for the exhibition from over 250 submissions from across the United States, mostly from western states. Only the finest quality bonsai were accepted and were limited to only 73 trees, both huge and tiny, so each tree composition has adequate display areas. Many famous and well-known bonsai are being displayed, some for the first time.

Exhibitors and vendors began to arrive, unload and display their trees and supplies. A small army of dedicated volunteers designed and erected four long seamless backgrounds. It was very classy and I am honored and proud to have two bonsai in this historic exhibition.

All trees were professional photographed before displaying which will be included in the forthcoming commemorative album which can be ordered at:

Tomorrow I’ll report on the, judging, photographing, displaying vendors and more, but I’ve included a few bonsai today.