Pacific Bonsai Expo- Part 2

On Monday and Tuesday Marc Arpag drove just over 1,000, with me as navigator. Wednesday, we took off again at our normal departure time 4:00 AM!

It was dark, of course, and we suddenly ran into a snowstorm. Mark and I know how to drive in snow coming from Rochester, NY where the season average snowfall can easily top 120 inches. Marc is an excellent driver and we were following three snowplows for quite some time. There were flashing lights and strong winds all around, and we kept going, slowly, but carefully.

The weather finally cleared up when we approached Las Vegas and we saw palm trees too. At first, I thought we went too far south. Our alternate route took us three hours out of the way, but at least avoided Donner’s Pass and it’s two to four feet of snow.

We finally made it to Oakland on Wednesday evening after traveling another 1,000 miles, for a total journey of just over 3,000 miles in three days.

Tomorrow we will find the Brick Yard, for the Pacific Bonsai Expo, to unload 150 trees, exhibition albums and more, to set up our sales area and four formal bonsai displays.