5th US National Bonsai Exhibition– Update



Plans and quickly progressing to display some of the finest bonsai in the country at the 5th US National Bonsai Exhibition on September 10-11, 2016. The venue, a 55,000 square foot sports facility is composed of TWO indoor soccer fields. Once inside, the soccer field on the right will contain over 300 bonsai, all formally displayed. The sales and demo area is in the left side soccer field. Both soccer fields are carpeted with comfortable green artificial grass, easy on the feet and superb lighting.


All layout maps subject to change




All layout maps subject to change



Fifty vendors are bringing their finest bonsai, pre-bonsai, containers, tools, supplies, suiseki, scrolls, display tables as well as a variety of soils to the US National Exhibition from Japan, Sweden, Canada as well as 25 states throughout our country. Everything you could ever want will be for sale in the sales area. If its not there, you probably don’t need it.



All layout maps subject to change






Special Invitational Exhibits

This year we are fortunate to have eleven special exhibits from private and public bonsai collections throughout the country in addition to study groups in Canada, from two provinces. The bonsai from the following collections will be for display only and are not in competition for the coveted awards.

US National Bonsai & Penjing Museum (DC)

Montreal Botanic Garden (Canada)

Kennett Bonsai Collection (PA)

Arnold Arboretum Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection (MA)

Chicago Botanic Garden (IL)

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (NY)

Pacific Bonsai Museum (WA)

Karamatsu Bonsai Study Group (Canada)

Bonsai Society at the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington (Canada)

Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens (FL)

University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens’ Bonsai & Penjing Collection (MI)





Fine bonsai submissions from throughout the country have been submitted for display. Just over 300 stunning bonsai will be on display including 75plus shohin bonsai. If you would like to see a wide variety of bonsai, join us in September to see over 93 species and varieties. This number will increase as exhibitors bring their shohin bonsai, which are often unusual species. The following bonsai, many, the finest examples of their species and varieties will be on display.

Dwarf Asian Pear

Azalea- Hino Crimson

Bald Cypress

Black Olive

Pond Cypress

European Beech

Japanese Beech

Dwarf Black Olive

European White Birch

Blue Atlas Cedar

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar



Brazilian Rain Tree

Natal Plum

Chinese Quince




Hinoki Cypress

Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern White Cedar

American Elm

Chinese Elm

Japanese Dogwood

Lacebark Chinese Elm

Smooth Leaf Elm

Winged Elm

English Oak

Dwarf Brush Cherry

Tiger Bark Fig

Green Island Fig

Burtt Davidi Fig

Willow Leaf Fig


Fukien Tea


Chinese Hackberry

American Hackberry


Mt. Hemlock

Korean Hornbeam


Japanese Yew

Ashe Juniper

Foemina Juniper

Needle Juniper

Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

Rocky Mountain Juniper

Sargent Juniper

San Jose Juniper

Blue Rug Juniper

Sierra Juniper

Western Juniper


American Larch

Japanese Larch

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Deshojo

Japanese Maple Kiyo Hime

Japanese Maple Koto Hime

Japanese Maple Rough Bark

Japanese Maple Shishigashira

Trident Maple


Pine Austrian

Pine Japanese Black

Pine Japanese Five-needle

Pine Jane Kluis

Pine Japanese Red

RAF Scots Pine

Limber Pine

Shore Pine

Pine Kokonoe

Pine Pitch

Pine Ponderosa

Pine Scots

Pine Zuisho



Sea Grape


Smoke Tree

Spruce Colorado

Spruce Ezo

Spruce Engleman

Spruce Black Hill

Surinam Powder Puff


Virginia Creeper

Yaupon Holly

Weeping Yaupon Holly

Japanese Yew


More updates soon!

The eight demonstrations and 18 critiques are all FREE with paid admission. Daily admission is $20, while a special weekend pass is only $30, before September 1st. Check out our website: www.usnationalbonsai.com You can easily order tickets directly on line at: http://www.internationalbonsai.com/page/492051586


Our official hotel has been sold out for a while, but they are recommending their sister hotel, The Woodcliff Hotel & Spa, (585) 381-4000. This hotel is very nearby and also has a complimentary shuttle service to the airport as well as to the exhibition and banquet & benefit auction.


Don’t miss your opportunity see, study and appreciate over 300 bonsai as well as enjoying warm bonsai fellowship!