Only 15 Days Until The Finest Exhibition Of Bonsai In The United States






Plans are finalizing to display over 300 bonsai in the 2016 5th US National Bonsai Exhibition on September 10-11, 2016, in Rochester, New York. We have truck loads of fine bonsai from the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area of California, Texas and Florida. They will all be carefully transported to Rochester where each specimen will be formally shown, a few in unconventional innovative displays. We will have bonsai displayed by 148 exhibitors from 34 states and two provinces from Canada. Additionally, ten botanic garden collections will display 30 bonsai. Over 100 different species and cultivars will be on display.



Our soccer field size vendor area is FULL of the finest vendors across the country in addition to a few from Japan, Sweden and Canada. You will be able to find young seedlings to masterpiece bonsai, plus all the equipment to create and appreciate your bonsai.


Our judge from Japan, Minoru Akiyama will be conducting a special workshop on Monday afternoon in my garden. Information is attached and there are spaces for observers to watch Mr. Akiyama in action. Additionally, he will be presenting a program for our local Bonsai Society of Upstate New York on Monday evening.


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If you would like to join us for the Banquet and Benefit Auction, tickets must be purchased by September 1st. Our new large venue which holds over 400 guests, the Burgundy Basin is a bit more expensive than in the past, however the food is delicious. Please remember this is not just a $45 supper meal. The banquet is an elegant affair at our new venue, and our menu is a combination of filet mignon AND marinated chicken breast promises to be delicious. You will be dining with fellow bonsai hobbyists and professionals from around the world. Fellowship is an important part of the entire bonsai experience where cultural and training techniques are discussed and tips exchanged.



The Benefit Auction is quite entertaining as well as a needed source of income to finance the exhibition. Usually, there are always some great bargains. I need to reduce my collection so there will be some interesting items. Vendors and friends also donate bonsai, containers and other items so there will be a large selection for you. I hope you decide to join us at this event. The banquet tickets are $45 and can be ordered on our web site at:


Since we have over 350 guests for the Award Banquet and Benefit Auction we will have a table layout at the registration table in the exhibition. Here you can write your name along with those who you would like to sit with next to the table. This will hopefully make the evening run smoother. Please remember to sign up for your table reservation when you pick up your tickets.


Additional information can be found in our web site:

I look forward to welcoming many long time friends as well as new friends soon.