2022 10th Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo– Part 2PART II

As promised, Joe Noga’s professional studio photographs.


Best of Show

Japanese Five-needle pine

Adair Martin

Best Conifer

Japanese Black pine

Arjun Sawhey

Best Deciduous

Chinese Hackberry

Brian Mercer

Best Flowering


Rob Kempinski

Best Display

Shohin Bonsai Composition

Shanon Salyer

Best Tropical

Brazilian Rain Tree

Bruce Hartman

Peope’s Choice

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress Forest

Steve Zeisel

Bonsai Displays

Additionally, Rodney Clemons, Tyler Sherrod and Wm. N. Valavanis presented educational and well attended demonstrations. Early on Sunday morning, Wm. N. Valavanis presented an exhibit critique for those who displayed bonsai.

The 11th Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo will take place on December  2-3, 2023.

Thank you to all the exhibitors who brought their bonsai for display and to the North Carolina Research Center for hosting this important special National Exhibition.

A special note of appreciation to bonsai photographer Joe Noga and his team of Sam and Katrina who spent two days moving and capturing the beauty of each bonsai.

Thank you again Steve for sponsoring this important national exhibition!