Pacific Bonsai Expo- Bonus Part 5

In addition to the 73 bonsai displays the Pacific Bonsai Expo had two artistic displays.

“How Big Was Naka’s Bird” was designed by Eric Schrader, featuring numerous origami paper Tree Swallows handmade by Linda Mihara.

The display featured a copy of John Naka’s textbook and a Juniper bonsai. Suspended among the origami Tree Swallows was a small Juniper bonsai. This large unique sculpture was near the entrance dividing the bonsai exhibition and vendor’s area.

“Bonsai Deconstructed” another giant sculpture was a collaboration with Aaron Packard, curator of the Pacific Bonsai Museum; bonsai was shaped by Ryan Neil, container was made by Ron Lang, concrete stand by Austin Hieztman, round glass sculpture by Coutrney Branam and the large hand cut paper background was created by Tahiti Pehrson. Combining five different media to present a single unified sculpture was a difficult task and masterly executed to the delight of the visitors to the Pacific Bonsai Expo.

As an extra bonus to finish this blog I thought I’d like to share some images of the excellent companion plantings.

Docent tours of the bonsai exhibition were conducted nearly every hour by bonsai authorities. Even I was asked to share my thoughts of the trees and how they were presented.

Marc Arpag again drove 1,000 miles today, but it was a bit different going through two blizzards near the 7,000 ft. summit of Elk Mountain. The second blizzard was a few hours later. Semi-trucks were strewn along the highway because of the slippery, drifting snow and black ice. The temperature also dropped to 14F for a long time. Good thing our trees are winter hardy. Marc’s tropical Parrot’s beak’s shohin bonsai was brought into the hotel nightly to protect it from the from the frigid temperature. We even put it into a plastic bag behind the front seat for extra protection.

Now, we are nearly home, only 13 hours and 886 miles to travel. Before I leave for Japan in a few days, Diane and I must still select paint colors, new appliances and furniture. Additionally, I’m very blessed to have friends and Diane bring all my winter-hardy bonsai under protection from the winter weather. I’m extremely looking forward to attending and help judge this year’s Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition in Kyoto. I’ll also be conducting a few walking tours of the exhibition, in English of course. I hope you enjoyed our adventures. Look forward to new blogs from Japan.