Join Us For A Small Tour To The Japanese Bonsai World

Today Japan opened its doors for foreign tourists, from the US and other countries as well. I’ve been waiting for two years now and have missed a couple of good exhibitions. Julian Adams and I will be going to the Taikan Bonsai Exhibition in Kyoto, as I’ve been invited (third time) to be on the judging panel and also lead a few tours through the exhibition in English.

Marc Arpag and I are driving to the Pacific Bonsai Expo in Oakland, to display and sell bonsai. Five days later is the Taikan Bonsai Exhibition visit. When we return from Japan I get two days to get ready for Winter Silhouette Expo in Kannapolis, NC, on December 3-4, 2022. More on that event later.

Join Kora Dalager and me to visit the Bonsai World of Japan, featuring the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition, Nippon Suiseki Exhibition, as well as the finest bonsai gardens in Omiya and Tokyo. Additionally we will be taking the bullet train around Mt. Fuji to visit Tokoname, where some of the finest bonsai containers are produced. We can purchase containers directly from the ceramic artists at an excellent discount. But the containers must be hand carried home.

Kora, an experienced travel agent and bonsai artist as well, will be joining me for this exciting tour. Kora and I have organized and conducted bonsai tours to Japan for over 25 years. We are well experienced with the Bonsai World of Japan. Hundreds of people have joined us from the US, Canada, Australia, England, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and more. Please join us for an exciting bonsai tour!

A visitor to the Nippon Suiseki Exhibition

Attached is the tour flyer. Kora is crunching the numbers for our afforfable tour because the exchange rate between the dollar and yen is the highest in 20 years, in our favor. If you have any questions or want the pricing, please contact Kora or me at: