2022 Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies Spring Festival Club Exhibition

The bonsai exhibition was held on April 8-10, 2023 during the festival held in Parsippany, New Jersey. h. This year there were many beautiful bonsai displayed by the 10 member clubs of the Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies. Each club displayed three or four bonsai. There were a total of 37 bonsai and one suiseki to delight the participants and public.

Maidenhair tree, Ginkgo bliloba, in full bloom!

I was personally impressed by the high quality of the bonsai and also for the artistic effort put into the compositions for display.  Although there were many bonsai which could be displayed in the 2023 8th US National Bonsai Exhibition, three were selected for the exhibition. Please join us in September 2023 to see which bonsai will be on display.