US National Bonsai Exhibition- Sold Out!

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 7th US National Bonsai Exhibition. Unfortunately, due to facility limitations and covid protocals, all weekend passes and daily tickets are sold out. We would like to accommodate everyone, but cannot. During the past few days, an overwhelming multitude of entrance tickets and banquet tickets requests came in and we have now reached the limit. People should have purchased tickets earlier, before making hotel and plane reservations. We have and will continue to observe all NYS and County COVID regulations. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door (none available!) if you did not purchase an admission ticket you will not be allowed in the building and sales area. We must carefully monitor the number of people in the facility which includes the sales area.

Everything has been changing since the COVID pandemic. Although I feel bad limiting attendance, I’m thrilled that we can EVEN hold the event. I don’t want to be shut down during the exhibition so must follow regulations. For those who missed their opportunity to attend this year’s exhibition, a 7th US National Bonsai Exhibition commemorative album, featuring all the displayed bonsai, will be published.


People are invited to visit my International Bonsai Arboretum on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm, and then spend a pleasant afternoon at the exhibition. A special ½ price half day pass for the Sunday afternoon exhibition from 12Noon to 4pm, will be available for $15. Bonsai and supplies in the large vendor area featuring over 40 vendors from across the country and participate in critiques. Plus, at 4pm we will have a demonstration bonsai auction.


There are two are new private bonsai collections for sale from my students in my garden. Both have been growing bonsai for 20-40 years. Trees from the Noga collection features many deciduous bonsai including imported Korean hornbeams, a large Yaupon holly, Ginkgo forest and a large (8” trunk!) imported Satsuki azalea. Pine bonsai are also featured as well as a large indoor Brush Cherry and Olive bonsai. The Seiju elm stock plants used for decades to make cuttings are for sale with heavy rough bark. The tops can easily be air layered and the bottom retrained for bonsai.


A few weeks ago I was fortunate to purchase the entire bonsai collection of over 100 trees from a student who took my classes in 1984 and will be moving. The Greg collection includes some pretty spectacular unique well developed specimens, several unusual, like Buckthorn and White Birch. Many large size developed Pine and Spruce bonsai are featured and a few specimens from both collections will be for sale at the exhibition.


While you are in Rochester, consider visiting my International Bonsai Arboretum to see fine quality bonsai from the Valavanis Bonsai Collection. This unique bonsai garden is framed by sculptured trees with the bonsai as focal points. Bonsai from the propagation bench to developed masterpieces. The art of bonsai display can be enjoined in six different areas. Come visit my garden and see how a professional bonsai artist studio and garden is set up to allow me to create new bonsai. My Open House will be on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Ask for a map.

The overwhelming positive response to the US National Bonsai Exhibitions is proof that the American bonsai community is alive, active and loves bonsai and wants to see more higher quality refined specimens. I look forward to welcoming you to the 8th US National Bonsai Exhibition in September 2023. And remember to get your tickets early!