The Four Seasons Of Rochester, New York


Contrary to popular belief, Rochester, New York, has more than the two seasons of snow and construction. We do actually have four distinct seasons, and very often can “enjoy” two seasons a couple of days apart. It was over 70F last week and yesterday we got three inches of snow. Next week 80F temperatures are forecast. That is not unusual for Rochester, but does necessitate more work for those of us who enjoy the pleasure of growing and training bonsai.

We have been “dancing with the bonsai” five times this past month and right now most of the deciduous bonsai are back in the garage for a few more days. Moving bonsai outdoors in the morning and protecting in the evenings is common. Hopefully, we can return bonsai to their growing tables until late autumn soon.

International BONSAI OnLine

The third issue of my new FREE digital magazine, International BONSAI OnLine has just released and more than 1,000 people in less than 24 hours have enjoyed the educational and well photographed articles. Soon Wisteria will be blossoming in the northern areas, while the flowers have been long gone in California. This issue contains several articles on growing and training Wisteria bonsai as well as a comprehensive article on our native Red maple training for bonsai. Check out my new FREE issue, check out four other digital copies and subscribe to be informed of additional releases.

2021 Spring Open House

The dates for our Spring Open House have been changed to June 19-20, 2021. Fine formal bonsai exhibits will welcome visitors, as well as the distinctive garden. I’ll be presenting two demonstrations during the weekend. Come visit and see bonsai from the propagation bench to developed masterpiece bonsai. You can see how the bonsai are placed in the garden, which might give you ideas of how to display your own trees. Nursery stock in training for bonsai can also be seen, and purchased too! A 20% discount on bonsai, pre-bonsai, containers and tools will be applied to your purchases.


Joe Noga Bonsai Collection

As an extra bonus over 100 bonsai from the famous bonsai photographer and bonsai grower, Joe Noga, will be for sale at the Spring Open House. He has a beautiful bonsai garden in North Carolina and will soon be moving. Over 500 nursery stock specimens arrived last summer and he is now bringing more of the larger, and heavier, bonsai for sale. Come see them. Unfortunately the 20% discount does not apply to Joe’s bonsai.

2021 7th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Last but certainly not least is the exciting US National Bonsai Exhibition. Now is the time to submit photos of your finest bonsai for the selection process. The deadline has been extended to July 1, 2021. Visit the Exhibition and over 250 bonsai, suiseki as well as kusamono. This is an event not to miss and what the bonsai community is anxiously waiting for. Plus vendors from across the country will be bringing everything you need to grow, train and appreciate bonsai. Enjoy fellowship with friends and other enthusiasts who share your love of bonsai.


The unfortunate lack of live bonsai exhibitions and gatherings due to the COVID-19 of last year will probably increase our attendance. All ten critiques and five demonstrations are FREE with the paid admission of $30 daily or $50 for a weekend pass. The award banquet is $50 and will be held in the new official host venue, Woodcliff Hotel & Spa, which is near to the US National Bonsai Exhibition. The informative flyer is nearly finished. If you would like to distribute some to your bonsai friends, kindly let me know how many you would like. Be sure to register early as attendance might be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our web sites will soon be updated soon so you can order your weekend passes and Award Banquet tickets.

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