Winter Snow…..

Snow, I hate snow, and cold weather

I Like snow on postcards and on Xmas eve. So far this season Rochester, New York has only experienced 57 inches of snow, while normal season to date is over 70 inches. Yesterday we were under a Winter Storm Warning predicting 7-14 inches of snow, only about 5 inches fell. Snow has actually fallen every month of the year here. OK, it’s going to snow, so let’s get all of it now and have it end in April so we can get back to bonsai. I remember once during a “Spring” open house on May 15th, Mother’s Day, standing outside my studio watching visitors go through three inches of snow trying to find plants to buy.

My body goes dormant at 70F. My overwintering facility is maintained at 27F to keep the bonsai dormant. Several of my maple buds are already beginning to enlarge, which is NOT good. That means that “Dancing with the Bonsai” will soon begin.

APRIL, not winter

The cold and snowy weather has allowed me the time to work on my new popular FREE International Bonsai OnLinemagazine. The second March/April issue has just been released. Note, early, rather than late…… In fact the May/June issue is nearly completed too!  There are a couple of comprehensive informative articles on Chojubai Japanese flowering quince, a popular flowering variety trained for bonsai in this issue along with other spring flowering species. You can easily subscribe free at  Please patronize our advertisers who provide the financial support for the free magazine. The low advertising rates of $50 (half page) and $100 (full page) make it ideal for small businesses, clubs and show to advertise their events. Issued bi-monthly is perfect for bonsai events coming up soon, especially having been delayed or rescheduled from last season.

Currently I’m teaching using Zoom Presentations to clubs around the world. Each presentation begins with a PowerPoint program followed by an indoor bonsai display and a tour of my garden or overwintering facility. Demonstrations are often part of the program. You would think that a Zoom Presentation would be easy, just show some slides. However, I’ve realized that preparing for one of my Zoom Presentations requires much more work and time than simply visiting a club. Since all my bonsai and display material are I try my best to present a comprehensive lesson on a specific topic or species.  Although no travel is involved, and my PowerPoint program are prepared, they are always customized and updated for the sponsoring organization. But, since bonsai displays are part of the programs, many bonsai need to be groomed, tables and accessories must be selected and cleaned as well as getting trees ready for demonstrations. I’m fortunate to have many friends helping me to prepare for my educational programs. Although It’s a lot of work and time, I love sharing my knowledge and skill so others can enjoy and learn more about bonsai, training and creating techniques and appreciation.

The 2021 7th US National Bonsai Exhibition WILL be held on September 11-12, 2021. Now is the time to submit photos of your bonsai for the selection process. Just send me a photo of your best bonsai to Check our official website for current information

The 2021 95th Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition ends tomorrow. Thanks to friends there will be many photos to share with you here in my blog and in International Bonsai OnLine. But, in the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the exhibition… only the fourth one I’m missed in about 40 years because of the COVID 19 closing of Japan’s borders.

Catalog orders for seedlings and pre-bonsai are beginning to ship. Although we are sold out of a few species, we have plenty of great plants. Shipping has already begun, so get your orders in now, we can hold until its planting time for your area.