World Bonsai Day!


Each year the second Saturday of May has been designated as World Bonsai Day. This is an internationally celebrated event dedicated to furthering bonsai awareness and appreciation. World Bonsai Day was initiated by the World Bonsai Friendship Federation to honor the memory of Saburo Kato, renowned bonsai master and founder of the WBFF. Clubs, organizations, arboretum collections, businesses and individuals plan special events to celebrate World Bonsai Day. Be sure to visit a World Bonsai Day event nearby, or travel to attend.


This year I’m pleased to personally participate in a World Bonsai Day celebration by having six special Maple Bonsai Displays in my studio complex. These bonsai maples will be formally presented for people to appreciate and study the design, container & accessory selection and how they have been combined to celebrate the spring beauty of bonsai.


This spring has been quite busy for us with 30 additional new students each week, in addition to others for the Open Bonsai Workshops. Since spring arrived late this year I’m having three unscheduledspecial Open Bonsai Workshops on Friday, May 10 (1-4pm) and Saturday, May 11 (9-12pm & 1-4pm).JN:WNV.jpg

I enjoy helping and guiding students with their bonsai development and refinement. It’s great to see some of the bonsai we have been working on together for the past 30 and 40 years return to the studio for consultation. New students, just starting out also learn from watching advanced students working on their masterpiece bonsai during the Open Workshops.


Each student participating in one of these special Open Bonsai workshops will be given a gift to commemorate the World Bonsai Day celebration. Each Open Bonsai Workshop is $40, while an all day session on Saturday is $75. These will be the last Open Bonsai Workshops for the spring 2019 season. Please contact me to reserve your space.



Everyone is welcome to join us on both Friday, May 10 (10-4pm) and Saturday, May 11 (9-4pm) to enjoy the special Maple Bonsai Displays.We will also be preparing for the following week’s 2019 Spring Open House & Sale,which is on May 18-19th, during the same weekend as our 46thUpstate New York Bonsai Exhibition & Saleat the Monroe Community Hospital in Rochester.

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