2019 93rd Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition Part II– Part 2

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This is my last day at the exhibition and this will be last blog entry. Officials estimate that approximately 1,200 people have visited the exhibition daily. The crowds vary during the day, and sometimes its impossible to photograph, so repeat trips are necessary. I’ve walked over 24 miles looking at bonsai this week, just ask my sore feet. I have gone through the exhibitions five times, carefully studying the trees and how they created, refined, repaired and tried to cover things tried to trick the viewer’s eyes.


Dwarf Stewart


Chojubai Flowering Quince, largest I’ve seen, but certainly not the best.


Sargent Juniper, which way do I look?



Toyo Nishiki Japanese Flowering QuinceIMG_2779.jpg

Japanese Five-needle Pine


Japanese Red Pine

I’ve been watching the large cascade dark purple Magnolia to see the progression of flowers. Now there are small leaves emerging which means that extra protection must be provided until the end of frost has finished. In Rochester, New York, that would be the END of May. I saw Mr.  Kimura and asked him how many bonsai has he worked on. In 2011 he was represented by 70 to 80 trees. This year he had 20 in Part I and 26 in Part 2.













I hope you all enjoyed my photos, comments and personal thoughts during my bonsai study this week. Remember, the most important aspect of bonsai is the beauty the tree presents to you and how you enjoy and appreciate the artIMG_2517.jpg



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