37th Nippon Bonsai Taikan Ten Exhibition– Part 2



There were nine special displays at the 2017 37th Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition.









6P4A6268.jpgShinji Suzuki with his two sons

Bonsai Keiunan

Several of Mr. Tanaka’s bonsai are displayed this year. Seiji Morimae designed this display along with the next display featuring famous bonsai, also from Mr. Tanaka. The trees are maintained by Shinji Suzuki. This exhibit features a famous actor and calligrapher along with bonsai artist Shinji Suzuki. Mr. Mormae designed this display to feature two dynamic Sargent juniper bonsai along with an antique suiskei. The natural shape of collected Sargent juniper bonsai are influenced by wind, thunder and lightning. The calligraphy translates as the God of Wind and the God of Thunder. This contemporary style display was quite popular with the public. I’m certain if it was created in the west there would be sound effects…














6P4A6235.jpgHistoric Bonsai From The Tokugawa Era

The adjoining display on the other side of the entrance to the sales area also belongs to Mr. Tanaka and was designed by Seiji Morimae. The display features four historic pine bonsai which were originally owned by the last Shogun Yoshinabu Tokugawa. It is amazing that these four pines have been cultivated in a container for 200 to 300 years.







Baba Suiseki Collection

Mr. Baba from Kyoto has one of the largest suiseki collections in Japan. He annually displays a few of his favorite stones along with a couple of bonsai.









Daiju-en Bonsai Garden Client Bonsai

Toru Suzuki, one of the organizers of the Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition, and the third generation proprietor of the Daiju-en Bonsai Garden displayed some of his client’s trees with a few contemporary paintings.



Chrysanthemum Suiseki

A lady collector of suiseki displayed a selection of her chrysanthemum stones. Some were polished, while most of the chrysanthemums were left rough and natural.








Koizumi Bonsai Collection

Mr. Kaoru Koizumi has an impressive collection of famous bonsai masterpieces. His company produces Green King bonsai fertilizer. He annually displays one or two of his bonsai, but this year displayed three of his best specimens in a special display.


_P4A66 01




Professional Suiseki Vendors

For the first time the professional suiseki Association presented a special display of high quality stones. Each was for sale, but the prices were not listed.




Twisted Trunk Pomegranate Bonsai From The Saito Collection

For the past several years Mr. & Mrs. Saito display several bonsai from their collection featuring a single species. This year they displayed seven of the best Twisted trunk pomegranate bonsai in Japan.



Past Award Winning Bonsai

Award winning bonsai from recent bonsai exhibitions are displayed in this area. Included are some of the Kokufu Award winners along with top winners from the Sakufu Bonsai Exhibition as well as from other important exhibitions.