My Surprise Visit To Omiya Bonsai Village!


On my way home on Tuesday from Taiwan to Rochester, a connection was scheduled in Tokyo. I always try to make a connection in Tokyo when traveling in Asia. Upon arrival in Tokyo I was surprised to learn my connection flight to Chicago was cancelled. This also happened last week on my way home from Shanghai, but there was sufficient time to reroute me on the same day. On Tuesday United Airlines rescheduled my flight from Chicago to Newark. Of course, that flight was “full” because of the cancellation so I asked to take the flight the next day because I know it was not full and there was an excellent chance to get three seats, an entire row, so I could stretch out and sleep and also work on my blogs. United put me up in a nearby hotel for the evening, with meal coupons of course, and no luggage. I did end up getting an entire row to myself and slept for five hours and worked on my last blog for five hours during the flight.

Now, what was I going to do with an entire free day in Tokyo since my flight did not depart until 6:45 pm? I had two options, visit Kunio Kobayashi’s Shunka-en Bonsai Museum or go to the Omiya Bonsai Village. Since I was with Mr. Kobayashi for three out of the last four weekends (China, California and Taiwan) I decided to visit Omiya Bonsai Village. I’ll see Mr. Kobayashi next weekend at the Taikan Ten Bonsai Exhibition in Kyoto.

Although I was tired from the successful Taiwan BCI Bonsai Convention, I found enough energy to take a “day trip.” I left my hotel at 7:45am and took two buses, five trains and two taxis and returned back to the airport in time to have “a bit” of sushi before boarding my plane home,

While in Omiya Bonsai Village I remembered that there is a bonsai auction at the Ueno Green Club for professional bonsai artists on Wednesdays, so I quicken my pace to stop by at the auction. By the time I got to the Ueno Green Club the auction was ending and people were loading up their newly purchased trees, or those which did not get their desired prices and were purchased back.

I only took a few photos which interested me and which will be used for future magazine articles and my PowerPoint educational programs. Oh, and please remember all of these photos were taken with my iPhone 6S Plus, since my proper camera was still at the airport in my suitcase. I think the images came out great and can’t wait to see the quality of the photos from my new iPhone X, with two cameras, when it arrives next week, while I’m in Japan again for the fifth time this year. Please enjoy the photos of my surprise Omiya Bonsai Village visit which I’d like to share with you.


Fuyo-en Bonsai Garden

Hiroshi Takeyama




Kyuka-en Bonsai Garden

Isamu & Yukio Murata




Seiko-en Bonsai Garden

Tomio & Kaori Yamada




Mansei-en Bonsai Garden

Hatsuji & Takahiro Kato


IMG_7161.JPGIMG_7167.JPGIMG_7165.JPGIMG_7179.JPGIMG_7162.JPGIMG_7184  .JPG 


Omiya Bonsai Art Museum



Ueno Green Club

Headquarters for the Japan Bonsai Growers Cooperative

Wednesday Bonsai Auction