Amy Liang Bonsai Museum Opening– And New Book Release




On Thursday, November 3, 2017, international bonsai master Professor Amy Liang formally opened her new Bonsai Museum at her home in Taipei, Taiwan. As always, Amy’s impeccable and distinctive attire matched her photogenic persona. She changed her clothes three times that afternoon, each more beautiful than the previous. Her museum is called “Purple Garden” matching her beautiful Chinese style purple outfit.


I’ve visited her collection several times in the past and she has extensively expanded her garden to effectively display her bonsai collection, all around her property. When entering her bonsai museum people were escorted upstairs into a museum reception area with gift shop. Amy warmly greeted her guest and was autographing her new book, The Revelations of Bonsai, reflecting on her 50 year milestone bonsai journey. Books were flying off the shelves as Amy individually autographed copies for her guests. I had to patiently wait in line for 30 minutes twice, I returned to get more copies for friends back home. Her friendly staff photographed Amy as she posed with her guests. The large size hardcover, and quite heavy, new 302 page book is beautifully produced and full of color and black and white photos of her life, thoughts and bonsai activities around the world for the past half century.



Together with her doctor husband they have five lovely daughters who all look quite similar. Her husband showed me around as he was proud of his wife’s accomplishments. Each daughter helped the 1,200 guests during the day.



IMG_7765.jpgThe bonsai garden museum is large and is segmented into about five areas, each featuring small displays of several bonsai. A room was also dedicated to her collection of Suiseki and viewing stones.



6P4A4995.jpg6P4A5001.jpg6P4A5005.jpg6P4A5000.jpg6P4A4999.jpgThere were a large number of small and miniature size, enough to make another posting of these diminutive treasurers later.


6P4A5057.jpg6P4A4991.jpg6P4A4994.jpg6P4A5029.jpg6P4A5072.jpgA buffet was available next to the ceremony area which began at 3:30 pm. Short speeches preceded the actual “Official Opening and Book Release” along with her granddaughter’s dancing. Invited VIP guests were called to the stage and given a long popper to twist and open at the exact opening. Suddenly red and white confetti was all over the place as a large gold and red balloon package exploded revealing a huge replica of her new book.



Later in the early evening Amy hosted a private dinner party for 380 of her friends and family. Singers and dancers added to the festivities. There were so many people in the large room that there were remote TVs set up throughout so guests could enjoy the festivities as they dined on a special delicious meal. What a wonderful ending for a beautiful lady’s special day. Amy also arranged for four buses to take here guests to Taichung for the next day’s opening of the bonsai convention three hours away.