2017 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition– Part 3 Exhibition




I was very pleased to see this exhibition, as it was different from others I’ve seen in China. There were a wide range of different styles and sizes represented which presented an interesting balance, something for everyone. I was told it “almost” represented all the different styles of bonsai in China. Some of the bonsai were huge, while most were of average size. But I believe there were more individual shohin bonsai than larger trees. The only reason I’m in one of the photos is for size comparison, but remember, I’m not that tall. Good things come in small sizes. Compare the prices of small bonsai containers to larger pots.





The exhibition was in a huge greenhouse complex with shading on the ceiling to shield the harsh sun and intense heat. Red and white flags decorated the ceiling to break up the wide expanse. Surrounding the exhibition, but still in the greenhouse complex, were the vendors offering a wide range of products and plants which will be in Part 4.







The layout and design of the exhibition was great! Three walls surrounded the exhibition which displayed shohin and small size bonsai. The lighting and white backgrounds were perfect for photographing and a good representative can be seen in Part 1 of this blog.



The central part of the bonsai exhibit was a delightful stroll through a maze of tall yellow backgrounds which were able to be put side to side to make a wider background for the larger size trees t. It was easy to get lost, but everywhere one turned you could see another beautiful small display which lead visitors through a lovely stroll through the bonsai. All were painted yellow and were of different heights which provided an interesting view for the visitors. The yellow color was not perfect for photos, but the exhibition was not set up for photographers. Nearly every background wall had a much lower attached lower block where a shorter bonsai or was displayed.





Careful and thoughtful taste was used when grouping the trees into effective smaller displays, many quite distinctive. In most cases, size and direction of the trees were considered.




Common Pomegranate, not the dwarf cultivar










There were several grass plantings. An identical 3 foot wide planting of  Dwarf Acorus planted with stones on a marble tray sold for US $3,000. in the auction.





Note the display table has been cut on one side






This shohin Japanese black pine was in the sales area, not the exhibition


This was my personal favorite bonsai in the exhibition


As in most of the exhibitions I’ve attended in China, the opening ceremony and first day were extremely crowded and made it difficult to photograph the exhibition. But on the third day one could roll a bowling ball through the exhibition and not hit a single person. On the first day seven busses were necessary to move people from our beautiful and comfortable hotel to the exhibition. On our last day, everyone fit in one bus.