8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama City, Japan– Part 2




The 8th World Bonsai Convention is now history and could probably be never repeated again! Especially in Japan. I asked numerous officials of the Nippon Bonsai Association if they can do it again…. next year. EVERY one of them burst out laughing, loud and said “I’m tired.” The were wrong with the estimated number of visitors too. They expected 20,000 visitors for the four day event, but ended up with OVER 40,000 people. Even on Sunday noontime people were waiting in line.




This morning Kora Dalager’s and my tour of 26 people from Australia, England, Switzerland and the United States begin a week traveling around the country visiting private and public bonsai collections, the Tokoname bonsai kilns as well as other scenic and Japanese gardens in the country.







One thousand bonsai in training by elementary students in the area display


Spring is the worst season to display bonsai indoors. This artist is bud pinching a Japanese beech bonsai.




There were numerous shohin and mame bonsai compositions. Look for a special post on these small jewels. If you like small bonsai, join us next month for the US National Shohin Bonsai Exhibition in North Carolina. More information here:


Corin Tomlinson, propertior of Greenwood Bonsai Studio in Nottingham, England and his friend Lee Wilson are on our tour. Corin’s father, Harry Tomlinson was one of the top English bonsai artists in England and sent him to me for bonsai training in 1980s to early 1990s. As part of Corin’s horticultural education at Merrist Wood College in England, he had to complete a formal apprenticeship. So through Ohio State University and Merrist Wood College a program was established where Corin could study with me. Thirty years later, Corin is now a successful bonsai artist and Greenwood Bonsai Studio is the largest bonsai center in England. He loves Japanese maples, especially the cultivar Shishigara. I’m proud that Corin continued on with his late father’s work and is doing an excellent job. He found a nice Shishigara maple to add to his collection in England in the sales area.


Corin wanted this Shishigashira Japanese maple, but unfortunately could not afford it.


He found this great specimen and can develop it into a masterpiece bonsai in a few years, he had great training and is combining it with his creative and horticultural talents.


A young Corin and Bill from the last century…..


Look for additional reports and photos here and remember my better photos can be enjoyed in future issues of International BONSAI, the first and only professional bonsai magazine published in the United States.