2017 91st Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition­– Part 2





The second part of the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition opened on February 10 and ends on the 13th. All 300 plus trees from Part 1 were removed except for the Imperial Bonsai Display and two other special exhibits.


Japanese Hemlock




Part 2 is just as excellent as Part 1 in my opinion. A great selection of a wide variety of trees. The Nippon Bonsai Association split the trees into both parts well. Both parts had an impressive and colorful Japanese deciduous holly. Part 1 seemed to display more Ezo spruce bonsai, while I noticed many cascade pines in Part 2.




There were 179 display areas including 51 medium size exhibits and six shohin bonsai compositions. Important Bonsai Masterpieces (Kicho Bonsai) were ten in total for this part.





Five outstanding bonsai were selected for the Kokufu Award:


Chinese Quince


Chinese Quince



Sargent Juniper


Japanese Black Pine


General Bonsai Exhibits:_p4a0927

Dwarf Star Jasmine

6p4a0813Satsuki Azalea



Hinoki Cypress


Yesterday we spent the morning in Omiya Bonsai Village before returning to the Suiseki Exhibition and the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition. At the Mansei-en Bonsai Garden of the Kato family I noticed three of the six Kokufu Award bonsai. I found it interesting to learn that two the Kokufu Award bonsai were won by a husband and wife…


Dwarf Stewartia


Boston Ivy




Witch Hazel


Chinese quince


Japanese Flowering Quince



Japanese Maple



Japanese Maple NOT Trident Maple


Japanese Black Pine

Back to both the Suiseki and Bonsai Exhibitions to study more and see how the trees are made and enjoy the subtle beauty of suiseki.



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