2015 Upstate New York Suiseki Exhibit



The Upstate New York Suiseki Study group hosted our 4th exhibit on September 5-6, 2015 at the International Bonsai Arboretum during the Autumn Open House & Sale. The greenhouse was transformed from a growing area into a quiet setting to display and appreciate suiseki. The greenhouse floor was often watered down to provide a pristine atmosphere to welcome our visitors. It also raised the humidity, which was already high during two days of temperatures over 90F.


Our small informal suiseki study group of about 20 members from New York and Pennsylvania represent a wide range of interest in stone appreciation. Some members only display stones they have personally collected, while others purchase stones, which they find interesting. Everyone is invited to our small friendly group.


There were 15 members that displayed some of their stones which featured a wide range of stones. There were 36 stones from Japan, Canada, China, New York, Louisiana, Oklahoma and California. Although all the stones did not have the qualities of fine suiseki, each stone was special to their owner who wanted to share their treasures with others. The art of stone appreciation includes many types, not only suiseki and everyone was encouraged to display one of their favorite stones.

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