2014 US National Bonsai Exhibition Awards


Join us at the exciting US National Bonsai Exhibition on September 13-14, 2014 in Rochester, New York. The Award Banquet & Benefit Auction are one of the highlights of the weekend where $6,500 will be presented to the finest bonsai selected by our three international judges: Hiro Yamaji from Japan, Peter Warren from England and David Easterbrook from Canada.


Bonsai fellowship abounds with visitors, exhibitors and vendors all enjoying a delicious meal awaiting the award presentations.


The following awards will be presented:

The National Award

Finest Bonsai Masterpiece



Evergreen Bonsai Award

Finest Evergreen Bonsai



Deciduous Bonsai Award

Finest Deciduous Bonsai

$500 Lang Bonsai Container Certificate


Yoshimura Award

Finest Classical Bonsai



Bonsai Travel Award

Finest Bonsai & Companion Plant Combination



Nippon Bonsai Association Award

Finest Japanese Style Display


Ho Yoku Award

Finest Innovative Bonsai Design



Custom Oriental Woodcraft Award

Finest Shohin Bonsai Display

$1,000 Shohin Bonsai Display Stand Set


All American Bonsai Award

Finest American Species Bonsai in an American Container on an American Display Table



ABS North American Bonsai Award

Finest North American Native Species Bonsai



Puerto Rico Bonsai Federation Award

Finest Tropical Bonsai



After the award presentation a stimulating Benefit Auction will take place where bonsai, containers, suiseki and other bonsai related items will be auctioned, including many large bonsai from the Valavanis Bonsai Collection.

Join us for the Award Banquet & Benefit Auction at the Holiday Inn Airport. Remaining seating is quite limited, but a few seats remain. The hotel cannot accommodate over 300 people. Weekend passes (until September 1st and Award Banquet & Benefit Auction tickets may be easily ordered from our website at:


Also, be sure to arrive early on Saturday morning at 8:30 am for the Opening Ceremony!