Bare Root Seedlings & Classical Bonsai MasterClass


The severe cold and snowy weather delayed the arrival of the bare root seedlings from nurseries around the country. Finally they arrived, in good condition too.


Bob Pfromm and Harvey Carapella grading the seedlings.

Last weekend my Saturday Crew came and helped process several thousand seedlings for the Seedling & Pre-Bonsai Catalog. First the seedlings were inspected and graded so bundles would have different sizes suitable for forest bonsai. Then the others soaked the seedlings and wrapped them in wood shavings. Finally they were bagged, labeled and stored in my overwintering garage which is kept around around 32F. Usually I maintain 27F, but when the seedlings arrive the temperature is slightly raised.


Marc Arpag, Alan Adair, Paul Eschmann, Bob Blankfield and Dave Steel packing the bundled seedlings.

They are now ready for shipping to warmer areas of the country and to those with protected locations or greenhouses. Check out the catalog:

We have also added several new shohin bonsai, containers and suiseki to our web site.




Classical Bonsai MasterClass

Session 1 of my new Classical Bonsai MasterClass quickly filled and several additional sessions have been added:

Session 2 April 8-9-10, 2014

Session 3 May 6-7-8, 2014

Session 4 June 24-25-26, 2014

Please contact me to register or if you have any questions.



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