Chinese elm bonsai, which I might display.

If you want to see something different, on the east coast at least, join me in Kannapolis, North Carolina on December 7-8th for a Winter Silhouette Bonsai Exhibition. In cold areas it is not common to enjoy the beauty of bonsai during the dormant season without foliage. The true beauty and training techniques for deciduous species can be seen and appreciated when the bonsai are without foliage.

Everyone is invited to display their bonsai, contact Steve Zeisel for additional information.

I’ll be displaying and demonstrating at the event in addition to conducting a critique and items for sale. Other vendors will also be selling and this will be an excellent opportunity to pick up rare items, especially Christmas presents!

I hope to see many fine bonsai as well as friends at the Winter Silhouette Exhibition.


Chinese quince bonsai trained from seed might be displayed.


Korean hornbeam in brilliant autumn coloring. The bonsai will not look like this in December.


This Korean hornbeam bonsai might be displayed, however in a different container.




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