Yesterday, September 19, 2013 I fertilized my outdoor winter-hardy bonsai for the last time of the year. They were given a full strength dose of:

Miracle-Gro (24-8-16)

Super Bloom (12-55-6)

Liquid Iron

HB 101

The last application of Mean Green organic fertilizer cakes was put on the bonsai in August and now all cakes will be removed for the winter season. They have worked and are now messy, but not smelly. As the Mean Green organic fertilizer cakes are removed they will be gathered and placed in the garden where stock plants of maples, Chojubai dwarf quince, Yakushima rose and more are cultivated for cuttings.

 A few bonsai are beginning to show their bright autumn colors, and perhaps we will have an other glorious show in late October to early November. The maples and other deciduous species which I think will be showy are turned 180 degrees to make certain the color is uniform throughout the tree. Several of the fruiting species are beginning to change color.



Although the weather has been bright and a bit cool during the past few days, yesterday and today are much warmer. Watering is not required every day, but the bonsai are checked daily. Some specimens especially the dwarf maples which are potbound and have a dense canopy still dry out on a regular basis. These will be among the first to be transplanted in March. Some of the fruit are quite interesting and colorful.



Rock Cotoneaster


Winged Spindle Tree (Euonymus sieboldiana)



Japanese Flowering Quince


Japanese Yew


Washington Hawthorn

In July the Nippon Daisy Chrysanthemum bonsai were drastically pruned to create a compact shape. Photos of the pruning can be seen in my August 7th, blog on “Park Avenue Art Festival.” They have leafed out quite nicely and are compact, but I don’t see any flower buds… yet. They still may blossom this year however.


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