Suiseki Collecting Trip


The Suiseki Study Group of Upstate New York had the annual collecting trip today. Twelve members from the Greater Rochester, NY area along with members from Erie, PA and Ithaca, NY gathered at a favorite stream, which often has dark black stones. The secret stream is in “Upstate New York” and only participants were given directions.






The weather was perfect; sunny, low 70sF, warm shallow water with a gentle breeze. But the best part were the friendly participants in a quiet beautiful location with a gentle running stream. And, I only tripped and fell into the water once, good thing my iPhone was in the car.






Brian could have collected more stones, but had the wrong drink…. Sweet Tea is best!



John Wiessinger collected a beautiful NATURAL Thatched Hut Stone with a flat bottom. He graciously gave it to me.

All twelve members collected some interesting stones and upon returning to the cars, displayed their new stones for others to see. Some will be on display at the upcoming 6thExhibit of the Upstate New York Study Group on September 7-8, 2019 at the Autumn Open House & Sale at the International Bonsai Arboretum. Members will conduct guided tours of the exhibit.



In addition to the Suiseki Exhibit new bonsai creations and additional pre-bonsai will be available for purchase. Seven formal displays of classical bonsai art and six FREE lecture/demonstrations by award winning artists will be presented. And, that’s in addition to a 20% discount on most items.


Come; join us to see new suiseki and bonsai while enjoying friendly bonsai fellowship.



One thought on “Suiseki Collecting Trip

  1. Mr. Bill. With all the knee and leg problems you have had the last few years I cringed at seeing photos of you walking around on slippery creek rocks. Take it easy.

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